Experts tell how to change medicine by 2020

Researchers by the research firm technavio talked about their thoughts regarding the major trends in modern medicine. Distant plans for the development of medical care difficult, but the major technologies influencing the modern health care are visible, they are already widely used.

Every year increases the popularity of telemedicine, more patients use portable medical gadgets for health monitoring. Many hospitals are actively implementing computerized "virtual nurses".

Grows in the role of IT sector in the health system. "Telemedicine technologies have significant potential for rural regions and developing countries facing a shortage of experienced doctors. Telemedicine also extends the therapy, allowing the physician to remotely consult the patient when it is required to establish the diagnosis. The need for visits to hospitals and clinics reduced," says the report.

According to the company, for the first quarter of 2016, sales of mobile medical devices increased by more than half compared to last year's figures. And with the shortage of nurses in some hospitals help computer systems to monitor patients.

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