Experts: synthetic meat will save humanity from hunger

The problem of shortage of meat in the world will help to solve modern Biomedicine. Now scientists can grow in today's laboratories, virtually any tissue. So to make a piece of chicken meat for the experts in the business – no problem. We are actively working on creating cheap and nutritious chicken meat, artificially created. This tells the publication Gizmag.

A few cells chicken muscle planted on a nutrient medium. They multiply and form a large cell mass. With the saturation of the cells with nutrients it turns out the likeness of a piece of meat.

There is a separate advantage of artificial meat. It is possible to saturate with vitamins, making it more useful. Harmful waste during production are not formed. While that method is expensive and time-consuming. However, like any other new technology in the initial stage of development. The project has collected about $ 100,000 for the first stage on creation of a prototype device for the production of artificial meat requires $ 500,000. Preliminary price per kilogram should not exceed $ 5. This is the cost of the product.

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