Experts suggest that you listen to driving the right kind of music

Researchers from Israel found: to accidents on the road leads not listening to music, and the emotions that it evokes. So pick the tracks in the car to the mind. Emotions can be both positive and negative. The important role played by General emotional background of the driver.

It is better to abandon the most favorite songs, causing the driver's desire to recapture his fingers a fraction, to knock with the foot, or, God forbid, to let go of the wheel while driving. This behavior is unacceptable while driving, so these songs should be replaced by a more calm and neutral.

Music in the car should not cause violent emotions, not to distract the driver nor the volume, nor rhythm, nor texts. About 60% of the accidents happens because of unnecessary thoughts behind the wheel, scientists summarize. They could be avoided with full concentration on the road and all traffic rules.

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