To engage with the port to the mind, otherwise you can earn serious health problems. Sure experts from Canada. They conducted an analysis of medical records of 12 thousand people from 52 countries. The age of the test group started from 50 years, in all cases, people suffered at least one heart attack.

Scientists have tried to figure out what could trigger the development of heart attack in older people. Examined the question of a genetic predisposition, bad habits, and other factors that could affect heart health.

As it turned out, not only Smoking, alcoholism and stress can cause a heart attack. Excessive physical activity also can adversely affect overall health.

That's why experts recommended to approach the sport with the mind. Consider the initial physical training, age, the presence of disease. Not yet advise scientists to take a trip to the gym as a means of dealing with depression. A bad mood combined with exercise may be too hard to load the cardiovascular system.

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