Experts say the victory over alcoholism in Russia

Measures taken in recent years in Russia, helped to reduce the number of alcoholics and direct the problem in a more positive direction. According to the latest data, over the last seven years has decreased by one third the number of people with alcoholism in the country. 11% decline in revenues in health care organizations dealing with the problem of alcoholism.

This good news does not end there. Managed a quarter to reduce mortality associated with alcohol. Since 2009, the Russians began to buy 9% less alcohol. Effectively enforced laws banning sales of alcohol near educational centers, hospitals, and cultural facilities.

There are problems while the deal does not work. So far, the death rate from alcoholism is extremely high. Depressing and statistics of alcohol consumption among young people. According to the survey, every other day or every day drink 35% of boys and 20% girls. Popular alcoholic beverages.

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