Experts recommend to opt-out of e cigarettes

About the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes scientists say not for the first time. The electronic cigarette contains nicotine and a number of hazardous substances, resulting from the heating spiral. The result is similar, replacing ordinary cigarette increases the risk of cancer and lung diseases. Eve was registered case of the explosion of e-cigarettes.

So died the 62-year-old Englishman. The man put the device to charge properly, the gadget exploded and shot standing next to the tank with oxygen. There was a fire and a violent explosion. Doctors failed to save the man.

Instead of smoke from the smoldering tobacco smoker electronic cigarettes inhales vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. There is no precise information about the safety of these substances. Scientists advise against electronic cigarettes and completely overcome your bad habit.

Never forget about the likelihood of poisoning. Especially sharply this issue affects children. Electronic cigarette is a cartridge with nicotine and the heating element. If the device does not have a protective system, a child can easily swallow a liquid that will cause severe poisoning or death. The famous proverb says - "a Drop of nicotine kills a horse".

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