Experts: quit Smoking step by step process

There are a number of methods for combating harmful habit. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen tried to understand what difficulties often faced man, ershisi to stop Smoking. Only the study involved 12 volunteers. Researchers conducted a survey and special survey to measure the velocity of blood flow and the activity of oxygen uptake in the brain.

Next, the volunteers were asked to smoke one cigarette. The analysis was performed again. Scientists have registered an increase in the rate of oxygen uptake by 11%, with this accelerated cerebral blood flow.

The experts concluded: do not abruptly quit. This is oppressed brain activity that leads to unpleasant sensations: headaches, reduced performance, loss. Often, these emotions cause people to return to the bad habit.

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Experts do not answer the question about how much time should be in the process of giving up cigarettes. Study author Professor albert Gedda believes that it will take more research to answer this question.

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