Experts published a list of the habits, life-prolonging

Most of them are easily applicable and do not require much effort. British expert in the field of Oncology David agus recommends to follow the simple rules in the New Year to extend its life.

Almost half of the things that we commit every day – habit. If you turn bad habits into useful, can greatly affect health and quality of life, experts say.

David agus recommends to forego processed foods in favor of really healthy food. Vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and vegetable oils, minimal preservatives and flavor enhancers will certainly affect the health of the skin and internal organs.

If changing your diet seems daunting task, a specialist advice is simply hugging more often. Hugs with dear people result in the release of happiness hormones, normalize blood pressure and heart rate. A number of studies have proved that cuddling often people have the best intelligence and memory.

The third piece of advice – spend more time outdoors. Walking in nature is not harmed even a single person.

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