Experts propose to ban the advertising of fast food in Ukraine

President of the Association of dietitians of Ukraine Oleg Shvets at a press conference said that the food was prepared fast food, poses a threat to health, because of what advertising should be totally banned in the country, writes Golosa.

According to him, the country is very fashionable to celebrate children's parties and birthdays it is in fast food chains. This is very dangerous because the child has developed an unhealthy Association hazardous food during the holiday. In order to prevent further deterioration of the situation, such practices should be banned at the state level, and if the owner of the fast food itself does not understand, it is necessary that the state, he explained.

Nutritionist emphasized that the problem of excessive salt intake is under scrutiny by the who. Advertising savoury products, which are aimed at children must be kept under strict control, it should be limited, and the children themselves should not be removed.

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In conclusion, Shvets added that all citizens of Ukraine is very important to understand that no color, odor or appearance of the product are the most important factors, and importantly, the impact of products on human health. If the product contains a lot of salt and TRANS fats, it automatically becomes poor, because its use can cause significant harm to health.

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