Experts: people should be more relax

Modern man has forgotten what a good rest, say researchers from Durham University. They conducted a survey of 18 000 people from 134 countries. It turned out that two adults of the three need a good rest. A third of respondents believed that they needed more time to rest than the average person. Only 10% thought the opposite way, reports Zee News.

Psychological well-being and recreation has been very associated, the researchers found. Lack of rest and regular processing has depleted the resources of the body, nervous breakdowns and depression. Most often on tired people are complaining about with young children, elderly parents requiring care. Working in shifts had about the same influence.

Scientists recommend to find time not only for work but also to relax. Many studies talk about a simple truth: lack of rest reduces the capacity of man to a minimum. This is why, together with a good job you need to have an effective way to relax. As an example, experts cite meditation, dance and other forms of creative activity.

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