Experts: people like simple jokes

Too complex of a joke is usually not perceived by people, found scientists from Oxford University. Humor should be accessible and understandable. About it tell results of research with participation of 55 students. The volunteers were asked to rate a cut of 65 jokes from the Internet and 101 jokes of all time, writes The Daily Mail.

The humour is the formula, say scientists, and it can be solved. Some of the jokes pop up from under the pen of comic books, the origins of others are difficult to observe. The study proves that jokes with long story line and complex plot is poorly perceived, and only a small percentage of people find such jokes funny.

People always put himself in the place of the hero of the anecdote, other persons, participating in the joke, usually not perceived. A good prank, the study found, should be touched, the culminating point and "opening". However, to make the formula of "perfect humor" a scientist and failed.

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