The study showed that only in rare cases, a person is able to overcome the bar to 125 years. Even further development of medicine will not allow the vast majority to have this kind of longevity.

Previously, the quality of medical care left much to be desired. Most infections and diseases of surgical profile were considered fatal. Only a century ago, doctors had no idea about the role of sterility, antibiotics are well known to modern science is not more than 70 years.

Now the situation has changed. As a result, in developed countries people are living in 75-85 years. However, further improvement in the quality of care would not give such a pronounced effect, experts say. Max Planck, which should be guided, not higher than 125 years, writes

In the US the average life expectancy is currently 79 years old. Born in 1890, for example, die on average at 47 years. While there is only one case when the person lived to 122 years. This record was set by Jeanne calment. She died in 1997.

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