Experts: parents often do not realize how important sport is for kids

Children need to exercise and many parents do not understand. Scientists from Canada believe that a situation will help to handle social advertising. Other assumptions and methods of improving physical activity environments of children, writes the edition Health, Education and Behaviour.

The researchers conducted a simple survey. They asked 700 parents, not too few of their child devotes time to the sport. Note children at the time of the survey was from 5 to 17 years. Most parents believed that more physical activity their children do not need, even if the child had obvious problems with excess weight.

After finishing the survey on major channels during the year showed the social ads, which stuck to the need of sports for children and adolescents. Sport is the best prevention of obesity, said in the video.

The repeated survey showed that adults changed their attitude towards parenting. Informing on TV helped to convey to parents the importance of physical activity in children.

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