Experts opinions about wearing leggings divided

Almost every woman has in her wardrobe, this piece of clothing like leggings. About them there's a lot to say both positive and negative. Women are also attracted to the versatility of leggings. By the way, historically, that leggings were originally part of men's military uniforms, but in these days of wearing leggings is the privilege of women.

British physiotherapist Sammy Margo found that wearing leggings can be quite a negative impact on the female figure. This is because obtiva legs, leggings make the weaker some other muscle groups, thereby facilitating the formation of fat. According to her, children begin to perform initially assigned to these muscles function that, in turn, leads and sagging and loss of elasticity of these muscle groups. It makes the legs more flabby, and in the buttocks and thighs accumulate fat.

Other experts believe this statement is ridiculous. According to them, the muscles continue to work when they are used, regardless of whether worn on their leggings or not. According to experts from the United States, which considered the approval of a specialist from the UK near laxity and fat accumulation occur because of poor diet and little physical activity.

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