Experts offer a number of tricks that will help you to eat properly

If people systematically meal, regardless of whether the actual state of hunger, if he is not able to adhere to the diet regime, it will constantly think about food, what constitutes "dangerous zone". According to the Times of India, nutritionists have compiled a list of basic rules that will help you easily cope with problems.

First of all, must be set to the following mode: main meals - three, snack - two (carrots, fruit). In between the meals is prohibited. The main driving force will be the emotional anchor. Some people start uncontrollably to eat, if they feel lonely, if you are angry or feel anxiety.

In this case, the experts advise to go for training to increase self-esteem and level of awareness. Food should not be a reward. As for those situations when a person does not think about the nutritional value of the diet, dreaming only about getting rid of extra pounds, the reverse effect occurs. Under the condition of shortage of necessary substances, the body tries to save every gram of fat. It is recommended to abandon strict diets, giving preference to small portions and balanced diet.

There are times when people 90% of the time strictly adhere to the rules of healthy eating, but then abruptly break. Psychologists answer: you need to get away from a rigid and strict rules, allowing a small liberties.

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