Experts: obesity is not always about the presence of diabetes

The body mass index can hardly be attributed to a significant factors predisposing to the development of diabetes. So say scientists from the USA. In my project, they broke the connection between obesity and presence of diabetes of the second type. The results of the work, writes the International journal of Obesity.

In research took part more than 40 thousand people over the age of 18. Scientists say about the results: a third (30%) fat men and 16% of people with clinical forms of obesity (2-nd and 3-rd degree) no diabetes. In this case, 30% of people with a weight close to normal, the disease is determined.

The body mass index is a useful parameter. It allows you to quickly assess the form and physique of a person. Has index and less obvious. Scientists believe that to apply this parameter for diagnosis of metabolic disorders cannot. The Commission on equality in employment is currently considering the question of imposition of penalty on the third of the amount of medical insurance if a medical institution conclusion about the state of health imposed on the basis of body mass index.

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