Experts: need to reduce the alcohol content in beer

These measures will help to avoid many of the deaths associated with drinking it. Today beer is considered one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Use it in large quantities leads to so-called "beer alcoholism", weight gain, problems with cardiovascular system and liver. A group of scientists from Canada offers to reduce the alcohol content in beer to make the drink safer.

According to reports by the world health organization (who), nearly a quarter of deaths among persons aged 20-39 years is related to the use of alcoholic beverages. That is why I received the offer to reduce the alcohol content in beer, says Zee News. According to scientists, this will help reduce the mortality associated with alcoholism.

There is, however, a flip side to the coin. Perhaps learning about the innovation, people will begin to drink more beer than before or switch to spirits. Note, in another study, volunteers were given different Beers. Most people, as it turned out, can't determine the content of alcohol in the beverage.

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