Experts: multitasking is dangerous for the brain

Scientists from Stanford University conducted a comparison of the two groups of mounted volunteers, people who are prone to the execution of multiple tasks, cope with all of them worse than single-tasking personality. Information about the study published in Prothom Alo.

The desire to do everything at once disturbs the activity makes it difficult to organize thoughts, to weed out unnecessary information. Switching from one task to another when multitasking is significantly harder. The opportunity to work with several projects leads to lack of motivation and capacity to complete all cases to the end.

Installed: multitasking reduces the level of intelligence. This is the conclusion of experts from the University of London. When performing multiple tasks in volunteers decreased IQ by 15 points to the level of a schoolboy eight years. Experts advise in carrying out important work to fully focus on it, it will improve the end result and will save the nervous system from overvoltage.

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