Experts: modern medicine is able to defeat even the most severe forms of epilepsy

Yesterday in Moscow held a master class from Professor Olivier Delalande, one of the founders of surgical treatment of pediatric epilepsy. In the framework of the forum there have been two transactions involving Ariza Comfort, neurosurgeon research Institute of emergency children's surgery and traumatology.

Delalande is the Creator of the method of functional hemispherectomy. During the operation, the epileptic lesion is cut off from the rest of the brain tissue. As a result, the seizures of epilepsy not to bother the person or their frequency is reduced significantly.

During the master-class Delalande and Comfort operated two teenagers aged 14 and 15 years. Patients had a severe form of epilepsy with resistance to drug treatment. Drugs are simply not allowed to prevent the development of seizures.

The preliminary results of the operations, the surgeons evaluated as positive. Functional surgery has great potential, and almost all such operations are finished successfully.

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