Experts made a conclusion about the futility of medical marijuana

Researchers until recently, marijuana actively defended, and they argued that it is able to help patients to cope with multiple sclerosis, as well as with the development of his symptoms. But large-scale work Peninsular College of dentistry and medicine of the University of Plymouth proves quite useless for marijuana, reported The Daily Mail.

As it turned out, that in the longer term, the implementation of the reception of tablets with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the key active ingredient of cannabis, "worked" as well as placebo. This effect was tested on 493 volunteers have diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis. All of them were taken appropriate drugs for three years.

John Zajicek - head of research, comments: "In the hemp plant contains more than 60 species of cannabinoids. The most active of them is THC. Since that time, they began to talk about the positive effects of these substances, pharmaceutical companies immediately showed interest in marijuana. In particular, on the "crest of waves" in the light was released spray Sativex. This spray promises to give relief from muscle spasticity".

But David Nutt Professor expressed his confidence: "the Findings of the studies is not evidence that marijuana patients with multiple sclerosis does not help. This "cure" may not stop the progression of the disease really, but to facilitate human existence - may.

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