Experts: long NAPs bad for health

Need to sleep at night, say experts from the University of Tokyo. Long daytime sleep disrupts metabolism and can lead to a variety of disorders.

Scientists conducted a meta-analysis of 21 studies involving 300 thousand volunteers. Managed to find a clear correlation between the duration of daytime sleep and the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease with diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Daytime sleep should not exceed 40 minutes. The likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome in a 1.5-hour daily rest increased by half compared to the average.

A person needs a good and healthy sleep. Scientists do not recommend to completely abandon the Siesta, if possible within the working day. If by lunchtime there is a feeling of extreme fatigue and desire to sleep for a few hours, you should review your daily routine and increase the duration of night sleep, tells the newspaper The Times of India.

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