The risk of heart attack is significantly increased if the person lives alone. According to the study, the risk of strokes and heart problems higher by roughly one third in social isolation. Its harm can be equated to the daily stress at work.

Loneliness is particularly dangerous for the elderly. According to statistics, every second man older than 75 years living alone. "The health system recognizes the risk of heart disease, with which we may fight. These include, for example, obesity and lack of physical activity. But about social isolation, no one says," says Nicole Walmart, a scientist from the University of York.

The loneliness he compares to Smoking or being overweight. Experts are advising relatives not to leave their elderly loved ones alone. There is nothing worse for a person than social isolation, writes The Daily Mail. Special attention should be pay attention to the following fact: "epidemic of loneliness" every year is getting younger.

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