Experts in the field of education suggest not to yell at the kids

Raising your voice at your own child leads not only to low self-esteem, but the effect on the risk of obesity. Studies prove that only in rare cases shouting can achieve understanding in the family. This is indicated by the results of scientific work of employees of the University of Iowa. They were recorded on video the process of raising children in 451 seme.

Scientists received information correlated with the weight of children and their Body Mass Index (BMI). Parents who participated in the study, children were not beaten, but are often frustrated by elevated tone in communication. Were seen and other forms of aggression, for example, the repulsion of the child.

A severe test, the researchers found, increases the risk of obesity among children. Concern from parents and dialogue on an equal footing, in contrast, provides a decent level of health, says Zee News.

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