Experts: in home coffee machines home to dangerous bacteria

Coffee grounds in the coffee machines can be found quite dangerous strains of bacteria. All the matter in the special conditions, which are formed inside the coffee machine. The scientific results published edition of Scientific Reports

In recent years, such devices are gaining popularity. Now no one to give a home coffee machine, many people consider it a mandatory attribute of the kitchen along with the microwave.

However, within some models may lurk serious danger. In the tea leaves, scientists have discovered a species of pathogenic bacteria, is able under certain conditions to provoke infectious diseases. Interesting is another fact: the permanent heat "tempers" microorganisms. As a result they become resistant to detergents and even boil. Some strains can withstand temperatures up to 96 degrees Celsius.

Experts have found in tea leaves enterococci, bacilli and Acinetobacter. Of particular danger are enterococci that cause meningitis and urinary tract infections.

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