Experts have told, how come the superbugs resistant to antibiotics

Infection superbakteriya threatens a person with serious complications of health. The fact that common antibiotics such flora do not apply. As a result, the infection can develop into a chronic or even cause sepsis.

Scientists tried to figure out what causes resistant bacterial strains. One study showed proteins ABC-F. They serve a protective function for the ribosomes of bacteria. As a result, the main apparatus for the formation of bacterial proteins to damage is simply impossible.

Let's consider the situation. In the superbakteriya gets a molecule of antibiotic which seeks to ribosomes to destroy them. Proteins ABC-F are connected with the medicine and "pushed" it. As a result, the cell continues to function and multiply.

Disclosure of another mechanism of formation of bacterial resistance is an important step in medicine. Knowing the principles of interaction, you can develop a new group of medicines, which will affect the new target in the form of protein.

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