Experts have questioned the safety of nanomaterials

National research Council of the United States questioned the safety of nanomaterials used in medicine and other industries. Scientists are still unable to determine whether it is safe to use nanomaterials. At the same time, the manufacturers continue to add them in sunscreen, cosmetics and food additives. Experts advise urgently to conduct an investigation of these particles and to confirm their complete safety and security for people.

In a short time, and that in the next 10 years should see new nanoparticles, called the new generation of nanomaterials. Now research Council of the United States is ready to annually allocate $ 24 million. In order to be sure of the safety of already released nanomaterial, you need more than one study.

The centers for control and prevention warn that they have a well-founded facts about the hazards of nanomaterials. According to their representatives, these particles can get into the respiratory system, and from there to all other vital human organs.

We must remember that technology involves the creation and receipt of material in the scale of one billionth of a meter. Sales in the nanotechnology sector in 2009 reached 225 billion dollars. This gives us every reason to believe that this this field is developing very fast.

100% of nanomaterial - 50% is made of ceramic of nanosilica, and the remaining 50 percent goes to carbon nanotubes and energetic materials. But do not forget, the shell can change their structure depending on the surrounding environment, which may assume some risk.

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