Experts have published nine rules of a happy man

The person feels happy, not only because of external factors, but also because of their own attitude and self-control. Scientists have published nine rules that will increase their level of happiness, writes The Times of India.

1. You should focus on your emotional state. You should not spend themselves to find happiness outside.

2. You need to relate easier to the offense. Anger and rancor is not always a positive influence on the psychological state of the person. You should control your emotions to others, even if they did not, how would you like.

3. Take care of yourself and watch your health. Pay proper attention to your diet and physical exercise.

4. Communicate with loved ones, keep in contact with friends and relatives.

5. You should not compare yourself with others. Each person is an individual.

6. Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the world around us. Do something useful or enjoyable for others, this will help to feel better.

7. Past - experienced stage. Of course, you need to make from this experience, however it is not necessary to dwell on the experience.

8. Be thankful, say "thank you" to my destiny the most pleasant event.

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9. Stop being afraid! Try something new, go for it!

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