Experts have proposed a new method of treatment of septic shock

Sepsis is a condition associated with the allocation of bacterial toxins directly into the bloodstream. The presence of flora in the blood causes serious pathology of internal organs. Sepsis is one of the most frequent causes of surgical mortality. Most often sepsis occurs when damage to the intestines and stomach.

Septic shock is an extreme condition of sepsis oppression of all body functions. Patients with septic shock is rapidly quenched, first denied the kidneys, then other organs. Proper way of septic shock does not exist. However, scientists from the Netherlands have developed a special method with the use of interleukin-1 and inteleukin-18. Cytokines can reduce the symptoms of shock and withdraw the patient from such a debilitating condition.

To confirm the effectiveness of scientists made the experiment on rodents. Animals with sepsis was introduced receptors of interleukin-1 and antibodies to interleukin-18. Now interleukins quite actively used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

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The introduction of the preparations was possible to reduce the manifestations of septic shock and increase the survival rate of mice. Soon the scientists plan to conduct clinical trials.

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