Experts have learned to determine the degree of pain the patient

As with other areas of science, medicine continues to evolve. For example, recent research has made it possible for scientists to determine the level of physical pain to the patient. This became possible due to the test results of brain activity. During her study experts found associated with physical pain signals. According to the scientists, these signals will provide an opportunity to objectively assess pain, and it will allow you to determine the status of patients who are unable to communicate yourself.

During the experiment, the scientists scanned the brains of people, and they were thus able not only to determine the degree of pain, but the cause, whether it's pain from high temperature, normal temperature or emotional pain. Depending on the intensity of pain signals become stronger. If the patient was taking painkillers, their power declined. Participants conducted the study were healthy people, and it is still not clear how to apply the obtained results to patients who are experiencing pain due to their physical condition.

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Scientists were able to establish that the pain index change from its type and location. The study involved 114 volunteers, whose age ranged from 20 years. They were subjected to different temperatures (up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit), and were asked to assess the degree of pain in the whole scale. Staff then began to search for models in the brain, which would determine the degree of pain. In the result, it became clear that using scanning can almost hundred percent to determine the level of pain.

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