Experts have learned, as evidenced by the inner voice of a man

U.S. scientists have created a special mechanism to recognize the "inner voice" of the person. Experts in the study of the higher nervous activity were able to recognize words spoken by a person in thoughts.

Specialists and neuroscientists from California recorded special methods of brain activity in patients with epilepsy. In progress in brain research volunteers read the text of the Gettysburg address of Abraham Lincoln, inaugural address of John F. Kennedy and funny poems about Humpty Dumpty. The text had to be read aloud and to myself.

Analysis of the electroencephalogram has allowed scientists to identify some features of the pronunciation of the words aloud and to myself. Based on the collected data, the researchers developed a spectrogram, restoring the text, spoken only in my thoughts.

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Speech on direct recognition of the mind of man is not, however, work in this direction is performed. Scientists believe an important step in the study of thoughts and reading them. This will help paralyzed people to restore full contact with the outside world.

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