Experts have identified the dependence of student achievement on their physical development

New research activities of scientists from the University of Grenada have shown the dependence of the performance of children with their physical development. The results of the experiments published by Psych Central, claim the presence of a larger mass of gray matter in several brain have physically well-developed children of school age. As you know a large mass of gray matter of the brain indicates a high level of student achievement.

During eksperimentalnih research in which participated about 100 students suffering from overweight and obesity of different degrees, scientists were able to determine a direct correlation of structural brain development and children's achievement of the level of their physical development. Particularly well-developed aerobic capacity had a direct influence on the mass fraction of gray matter divisions of the premotor cortex, supplementary motor cortex, hippocampus, caudate nucleus, inferior temporal gyrus, calcarine cortex, responsible for the functioning of the visual organs, the development of motor skills, and the ability to learn and function execution.

Developed motor abilities, as it turned out, directly affect the increase in the mass of gray matter in the inferior frontal and superior temporal gyri, which are associated with the processing of language and reading. It is noteworthy that muscle strength has nothing to do with the formation of the gray matter of the brain. The researchers also recorded a high level of academic achievement among schoolchildren, with a large amount of gray matter in cortical and subcortical regions of the brain, the development of which was due to good physical development of the child's body.

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