Experts have found the main causes of aggression Muscovites

Scientists from the Fund of public opinion in the survey found that residents of Moscow lacks peace and patience. Half of the respondents, according to the study, consider, are the most aggressive and irritable people.

80% of people feel irritation during conflict situations in public places. Negative emotions begin to accumulate with the first alarms. Need a few hours to get to work on the subway or driving a car affects the inner being and sets a certain mood for the whole day.

Disputes and conflicts, crush, crush and rudeness lead to the release of aggression is not only a bystander, but also on loved ones. Scientists have compiled a list of places where Muscovites often face discontent and aggression. In the first place was metro, the second - markets and shops, the third - buses, trams and other ground transportation.

Among the main problems of the city Muscovites emit the behavior of migrants, the lack of respect for others. The result is a vicious circle of aggression and hatred.

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