Experts have found a new path in the treatment of lung cancer

Israeli scientists have developed a new method of treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. While the question of complete control of this disease is not, however, a certain progress is noted. On the eve of the race were committed in the treatment of adenocarcinoma, a form of disease. The results reports The Hindustan Times.

Scientists have found that when adenocarcioma decreases the activity of protein CRBPA. This substance is reflected in the work of genes and cell proliferation of lung tissue. Protein CRBPA also involved in the process of developing cancer of the liver, lung, head, neck, and other cancers.

According to the experiments, affecting protein can achieve good results in the treatment of lung cancer. There is a potential in the treatment of many other cancers. Scientists believe that further research in the field of Oncology will assist in the development of new cancer treatments.

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