Experts have developed displays for people with impaired vision

Scientists have developed displays that will help you to forget the people with hyperopia or myopia about the glasses and lenses. At least for a while. Experts from the University of California undertook the development of technology, when the mobile device screen or TV is tuned to the human eye without the need for any correction, writes The Daily Mail.

According to scientists, the technology will change the lives of people with impaired vision. Modern man spends most of his time behind the screens of various devices. New displays are changing the intensity of light from each individual pixel. In the reverse folding of light through perforated panel (deconvolution) the picture becomes clear.

The size of the holes is only 75 micrometers, hole pitch - 390 micrometers. The panel is printed on a special printer and placed between two sheets of transparent plastic. The design can be embedded in virtually any device with a screen. Is an example of a display for iPod. The development will help people with serious disorders of the organ of vision, when the glasses do not help, and enjoy the benefits of civilization is vital.

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The first prototype of the display can be viewed at the international conference on computer graphics. The conference will be held in August.

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