Experts have compiled the TOP 5 rules to live to 100 years

Compliance with just five simple recommendations will help you live a century, scientists say.

The first rule is to avoid stress. If the periodic stress to the body, regular stress can unsettle even the most healthy person. Stress triggers the development of hypertension, stomach ulcers and many other dangerous diseases.

The second rule is to exercise power of will. It will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle even in cases where all the friends around you do not share your position. Willpower will help to insist on his own, scientists say.

The third rule is total abstinence. In the beginning it may seem difficult, but the world is really beautiful without alcohol and other stimulants.

The fourth rule is to try to adhere to proper nutrition. A balanced diet with low fat and cholesterol will keep the walls of blood vessels in working order until late years. You should monitor the caloric content of food consumed and its composition.

Fifth rule – a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Many studies prove that sports enhances the quality of life and increases its duration. In addition, sports make people happy, give him extra motivation to work.

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