Experts have compiled a list of the most common reasons for time off

In total the study involved 2,500 people. Among them were workers, and employers from major companies in the UK. In the first place in the ranking was vomiting, 73% of the respondents after this I decide to stay home and rest up, writes The Hindustan Times.

In second place is diarrhea. Quite hard work when the need arises a few times per hour to occupy public toilet. Depression and stress factors, on the contrary, most people considered it disrespectful the reason for the day off. Even less used to day off the campaign for medical examination.

Another interesting fact: elderly people use compensatory time off and sick leave significantly less often young people, and men do not come to work due to illness less often than women. While men have fairly sound reasons for time off, according to the study, are tired, hangover and alcohol intoxication.

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