Experts have compiled a list of 7 threats, in which mankind do not believe

We willingly fall for the tricks of marketers and know very well about the dangers of viruses, however there are other threats. However, most people will not consider them seriously.

Scientists suggest that in the future computers and robots can really capture some spheres of human activity. In what form that happens, no one knows yet. While today's robots are learning to walk, and smartphones – to listen and to talk. Mechanical work is not the first decade is trusted by robotics, it is usually cheaper and more efficient than hiring people.

The emergence of nanotechnology can bring harm along with benefit. It is quite possible the emergence of a new type of weapon, based on the introduction of microscopic particles in the human body. Not always developments in the field of medicine used for the benefit of mankind.

A serious threat comes from viruses, the ancient Kingdom. Still many viral diseases there are no vaccines. Who knows, maybe soon there will be a new deadly virus, from which it will be impossible to hide.

Poses such a threat of nuclear weapons. Some countries have significant nuclear arsenals. One bomb can destroy an entire city, and struggle with the consequences of the nuclear disaster will take many years and decades.

I would like to draw the attention of scientists on solar activity. There is some possibility of increasing the influence of the sun on people's health.

But the shortage of energy resources, the experts consider. They believe that mankind will invent new sources of energy by the time when oil and gas will end on the planet.

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