Experts have carried out the transplant vagina

A group of specialists from Mexico and America, headed by Professor Anthony Atala (Medical school Wijk) reported on successful completion of the first phase of work on the transplantation of the vagina. Surgeons performed operations in 2005-2008 patients 13-18 years with the syndrome Mayer-Rokitanskeho-Kuster-Hauser. The disease is characterized by the absence of the vagina, uterus and cervix. The operation allowed the girls to live a full sexual life, writes The Independent.

Today we can talk about the success in this area. Vagina in the laboratory grew specialists using cell patients. This approach allowed to open reconstructive surgery on the other hand. For the first time surgeons from scratch designed the vagina by means of cells of the vulva, planted on the matrix. Next, the fabric grew, forming a complete body.

The main problem (lack of blood supply and nerve tissue), the surgeons decided by the implantation of the vessels and nerves in the implant in the laboratory. After transplantation degradable frame disappeared. Doctors, observing patients, note that expressed complications girls do not feel the resistances of the body occurred. The only problem to solve and failed - futility.

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