Experts: genes are not to blame for the obesity

Many responsible for dropping extra pounds on genes, but scientists do not agree with this position. Role heredity really plays, but the fight against obesity is purely a person to lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise, writes Business Standard.

Researchers analyzed data from about eight thousand people. Interesting fact: with age, the position of the respondents regarding their weight changed. People with each passing year it is more believed, being overweight is nothing to do at all to blame the genes.

In fact, the majority of the respondents with obesity overeat, loved the prepared foods, junk food, almost never played sports and did not comply with the regime. About how to change your lifestyle to 40-50 years and not many were thinking.

The study's author Mike C. Parent, commented on the results: "Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of effort. If a person believes that he is unable to reduce weight through diet or exercise, then most likely he will choose the easy way, leading to a rapid reward. For example, proper nutrition, the advantages of which will become visible soon, he will prefer your favorite but unhealthy food."

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