Experts from the University of Barcelona: Coronavirus appeared in Spain in March 2019

In the fall of 2019, there were more than 11.6 million cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Most countries coped with the epidemic, but in some countries there is a difficult situation, for example in the United States and Brazil. Scientists are still working on a vaccine against the virus, but scientists are predicting a second wave of the pandemic, which may have more serious consequences.

There are many rumors, myths and assumptions regarding the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 and its spread around the world. Some experts believe that the epidemic began much earlier, than about it was reported by the Chinese authorities. The virus can and does appear in a different country. A few days ago a statement was made by experts from Barcelona, which reported new details of the spread of coronavirus in Spain.

Scientists decided to analyze the wastewaters of Barcelona, to ensure no infection in the water. In their possession were samples collected in the past year, namely in the period from 12 to 15 March 2019. It is worth noting that the first cases of infection were reported in Barcelona only at the end of the current winter, but the virus could appear much earlier.

Checking for water in Spain coronavirus began only in April this year to investigate the possibility of outbreak of new epidemics, but also decided to test older samples to collect as much data as possible about the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. It turned out that for 41 days before the official cases, the virus was already present in the wastewater, and then the experts decided to study and in earlier samples.

It turned out that the water samples that were taken March 12, 2019, there is a COVID-19. Other samples showed a negative result, but this is enough to begin to analyze the situation with the emergence of the virus, experts say. One of the experts was Dr. Joan Ramon Villalbi, which urges not to jump to conclusions about the beginning of the epidemic in the country, because you need time to study these results.

Some scholars have suggested that the waste water samples of spring 2019 may be a different virus, with similarities to a coronavirus, but other scientists believe that the result of the study is incorrect, therefore, required further testing.

His opinion on the re-test was expressed by Gertjan medema from the Netherlands, which is also urging people not to jump to conclusions. He notes that there are a lot of false conclusions about the origin of the virus. In some countries decided to make similar studies of wastewater using samples last year.

Some experts from the scientific world have already expressed the view that the coronavirus could not appear in China and in another country, but the outbreak was recorded in the Chinese city, because previously, scientists had no idea about this virus that could cause a global pandemic.

Conclusions to do still early, so the world's scientists have directed their effort to collect information and important facts that could help to learn more about the appearance COVID-19 in the world.

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