Boredom is harmful to humans, say scientists from around the world. The Guardian tried to unite in his article the most famous modern researches, devoted to studying the impact of boredom on the man.

Have this condition their pros and cons. British journal talks about the results of 25 years of research: the scientists all this time, watched the inhabitants of London 25-55 years. It turned out that at a high level of boredom there is the additional risk of imminent death. The people who most frequently complained about scientists on a constant boredom, dying at an earlier age.

Boredom is directly related to depression and apathy. Scientists say the increase in the likelihood of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes. In 2014, researchers from the University of Central Lancashire have noticed that most people think boredom is the real punishment. In other cases, boredom is influenced positively, people included creative thinking. However, this occurred only in cases where boredom during the operating time was short.

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