Experts found similarities of offspring with first sexual partner

An amazing discovery was waiting biologists that recent studies have confirmed the mechanism telegonii. The first reference to telegonii present in the treatises of Aristotle. The philosopher was sure that the child inherits not only the characteristics of their biological parents, but also of previous sexual partners mother.

Scientists decided to test this theory in the experiment with the participation of the flies. Females were paired with males, then changed partners. Selected a variety of phenotypes insects, on which it was possible to distinguish certain types of flies. It turned out, the offspring inherits not only the genetic material of the parents, but also some signs of the first partner.

So there was a theory that semen is embedded in immature oocytes of females and affect future offspring. Now the researchers plan to determine whether a similar mechanism in other, more advanced animals.

It should be noted, theory telegonii was rejected by the scientific community in the early 20th century.

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