Experts figured out why anorexia people refuse to eat

The study involved 23 women with anorexia nervosa. As the comparison group was used a group of volunteers, consisting of 17 healthy women without eating disorders. Researchers scanned the brains of subjects and found some differences in the structure of the nervous system of healthy people and patients with anorexia, writes Zee News.

The study was conducted in two phases: on an empty stomach and after meals. Among the control group when hunger was observed activity areas of the brain responsible for feelings of reward. Anorexia, a reaction that scientists have not noticed. In addition, among the members of the experimental group recorded increased activity of networks of neurons in cognitive control.

Scientists summarize: for the patient with anorexia hunger is not an incentive for absorption of food, and creates a separate motivation to further starvation. So a suppressed sense of appetite. And the ability to self-control helps to combat daily food temptations.

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