Few people think about the harm e-cigarettes cause oral cavity. Scientists from the University of Rochester have established that regular use of nicotine through electronic cigarettes harm the mucous membranes and leads to problems with gums. As a result, it can result in chronic inflammation.

There is a clear relationship between the frequency of use of electronic cigarettes and the risk of developing inflammation of the oral cavity. It's all about the influence of chemically active compounds from the liquid to Smoking on the cells of the mucous membranes. Being exposed to some compounds, cells are killed and secrete factors that inhibit the regeneration of the protective shell.

Especially dangerous carcinogens, carboxylic acids and aldehydes. These compounds are formed in case of overheating Smoking area. Therefore, physicians are advised to be careful to electronic cigarettes. It is better to completely give up the habit than to replace it with another, they say.

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