Experts: energy drinks increase pressure and lead to failure of the heart rhythm

Instead of trying to cheer up with the help of energy drinks to sleep better, according to scientists from the United States. A group of researchers from University of the Pacific medical center and David Grant (California) conducted a study and found: regular consumption of energy drinks affect heart function.

In the experiment, was attended by 27 volunteers. One group for three weeks drank two energy per day, the second is invigorating drink received the placebo. Scientists at the end of the study, measured pressure and heart rate of the subjects.

The results of the experiment were disappointing for fans of energy drinks. The consumption of the drink increased the pressure for two hours. Heart rhythm was restored to normal only after six hours after portions of energy. In the placebo group of such changes, scientists have found.

Now planned a study that would show how much influence the caffeine and other energizing compounds on the cardiovascular system of men with arterial hypertension. While experts recommend not to abuse power.

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