Experts: electronic cigarettes cause infertility

Better not to smoke cigarettes, even the electronic equivalent can cause irreversible changes in the body, say the scientists.

A group of researchers from Baptist University (Hong Kong) proved that regular Smoking of electronic cigarettes leads to infertility. Along with the nicotine the body receives a variety of other dangerous chemical compounds. Even the polluted air does not compare with the set of chemicals from the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

If you look, this useful gadget is not exactly to call it. Researchers analyzed 13 liquids to Smoking through a vaporizer (electronic cigarette). When heated, the samples emit harmful chemicals: hydrocarbons and even formaldehyde. One fluid was less dangerous to other scientists found antipireny and carcinogens repeatedly raising the risk of cancer.

Experts urge officials to equate electronic cigarettes to ordinary and to prohibit Smoking in public places. These devices are completely banned in 16 countries, from Brazil to Singapore.

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