Experts doubt the effectiveness of influenza vaccine

According to scientists, there is often an exaggeration of the positive properties of the vaccine, especially when we are talking about data that reflects the state after vaccination of the elderly. According to The Telegraph, the development of new drugs, in turn, does not begin due to the fact that they are fully operational already created is not questioned.

These findings contains a report of the Center for research and policy in infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota. Fears specialists also possible refusal of people to vaccination in the absence of accurate information from the government.

In particular, the suggestion of one of the expert is that the government should be held responsible for 120 million pounds spent on the campaign to promote the benefits of vaccination. Every year according to who conducts the selection of the three influenza strains included in the seasonal vaccine. After arriving in the region viruses should ideally correspond to this cocktail.

Meanwhile, according to British statistics, due to vaccination against influenza group of persons aged 18 to 64 years was protected only by 59%. Real data about the effect, the impact of which is exposed to people over the age of 65, no. Australia and New Zealand has experienced several outbreaks of influenza, the virus which is preparing to take over the Kingdom.

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