Experts detected pesticide in orange juice from Brazil

U.S. Department of drugs and food made a statement: "Probably from Brazil imported hazardous to health orange juice". Experts have begun to examine all of the supplied batch to detect traces of the banned fungicide - carbendazim, reports Reuters.

It is known that the American manufacturer of juices in imported product was detected corresponding connection. In the USA this type of pesticides prohibited for processing citrus trees, but alas, permitted in Brazil. It is very effective in combating fungi. American officials clarified that it is not talking about the feedback oranges, but now they are on the border will be checked.

By the way, not all companies imported juice is used in its pure form. For example, Tropicana juice may be a mixture of the product of local manufacture and Brazilian juice. Also Running on medicines and food has not identified a safe concentration in the juice of pesticide regulation. But not exceeding 10 parts per million concentration, detection can not be.

Meanwhile, even before it has already been shown that carbendazim relates to chemical compounds which are capable in the body greatly disrupt the hormonal system, and also be a major cause of cancer. It is also quite possible and irreversible impact on the human body.

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