Experts described how cell phones affect male sexual function

Regular use of mobile phone may affect male reproductive health. Many studies argue that the use of cell phone reduces the concentration of sperm and the chance of successful conception of a child.

Scientists give the results of the study. In Israel, conducted a survey of 106 men. One group regularly spoke on the phone for over an hour, the other used a cell phone only when absolutely necessary. It turned out that men who do not produce the phone from his hands, have twice higher risk of developing problems with conceiving a child.

In another study tells that almost 50% of men, keeping the phone in my Trouser pocket, have an altered sperm concentration.

There are data about the dangers of cell phones to brain. A long talk over the phone heats up the brain by 0.5 degrees. In the future, so minor changes can result in major abnormalities, experts say.

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