Experts: correct the order of the day alertness

Children should be taught to a stable routine as early as possible. According to scientists from the University at Albany. They conducted a study involving 292 undergraduate and proved that the correct routine is strongly reflected in the mental abilities of the person. The results of scientific work writes Medical Express.

Researchers interviewed students and found out how they were organized in childhood and adolescence. Scientists interested in everything from meal times and sleep patterns to young people's involvement in extra-curricular activities sections and number of friends.

As it turned out, discipline from childhood helps a person to master the skills. The presence of routine speeds up the learning process and improves concentration. In the future, such people can achieve great success.

With all this, begin to keep a record spent on various things time never late. Getting started is easy. For starters, you can get a special notebook or install the app on your mobile phone. This allows the identification of useless activities that consume time.

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